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TJK helps to elongate the manufacturing smile curve of Tianjin

TJK helps to elongate the manufacturing smile curve of Tianjin TJK helps to elongate the manufacturing smile curve of Tianjin


Over the past five years, Tianjin promoted the research of traditional manufacturing to high value-added and extended on both ends of the overall solution and elongated Tianjin manufacturing smile curve. The national research and development of advanced manufacturing base is accelerating.

These two days, TJK Signed an international order called Israeli red line subway project, which is worth nearly ten million, and it defeated more than a dozen competitors around the world. The secret to success, summarized by Deputy General Manager Xin Zhang, is that their service changed from a hammer sale to a lifetime of service.

Aiming at building a national advanced manufacture, research and transformation base, in recent years, Tianjin has developed high-end equipment, new generation of information technology, aerospace, new energy vehicles, biomedicine and so on. Leaded by policy, TJK extends advanced manufacturing to high value-added research and development and services, focuses on the development of productive services in 11 fields, including research and development design, information technology services, testing certification and brand building. TJK raises the level of producer services and elongates the manufacturing smile curve.

Thanks to the promotion of special funds for producer services in Tianjin, TJK peeled off the original after-sales service personnels from the production department and then specially set up the installation and debuggin, after-sales and maintenance department, so that it can create a service center which provides a holistic solution at the customer site.
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