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How to Control the Motor of ​Reinforcement Bending Machine?

How to Control the Motor of ​Reinforcement Bending Machine? How to Control the Motor of ​Reinforcement Bending Machine?

Ⅰ. Motor control method of reinforcement bending machine

The reinforcement bending machine motor drives the eccentric disc to rotate through a double belt pulley and two sets of spur gears. The eccentric disc drives two connecting rods by eccentric hinge, and each connecting rod is hinged with a rack, so the rack does reciprocating movement along the slideway. The rack drives the gears to make the working disc reciprocate within a certain angle. There are two shaft holes on the working plate, the central shaft and the line shaft. When the working plate rotates, the central axis and the forming axis turn accordingly, the reinforcement bending machine has the same principle, can bend the steel bar into the required stirrup. The motor control mode of reinforcement bending machine is as follows:

1. The reinforcement bending machine is a steel hoop bending machine composed of 5 elbows. It adopts 5.5kw precision motor, which changes the disadvantage of using one motor for the whole traditional machine. 5 heads use 1 hydraulic station, 3 heads use 1/2 hydraulic station, 4/5 heads use 1, and the processing capacity is high.

2. If the previous stand-alone mode is changed, the hydraulic motor of the reinforcement bending machine will be more stable and have a longer life.

3. The working part of the bending head is composed of a bending motor, a telescopic shaft oil cylinder and a control mechanism.

4. Bending motor control: The starting point of the bending axis is controlled by the 0-position proximity switch, and the bending angle is controlled by PLC and inverter. After the bend is complete, return to the starting point. In order to avoid damage to the reinforcement bending machine due to the excessive deflection of the folding shaft, the folding shaft is provided with a switch to limit the deflection.

5. This reinforcement bending machine adopts five high-torque oil cylinders to realize the bending function of steel. Compared to traditional mechanical reducers, it is smaller, lighter, and easier to operate and maintain.

6. The angle adjustment device (utility model) of the reinforcement bending machine makes it easy to adjust the bending angle during the processing.

Ⅱ. Application of reinforcement bending machine

Reinforcement bending machine is one of the necessary equipment for steel bar processing. It mainly used for bending of steel bars in various construction projects. Reinforcement bending machine are often used in conjunction with cutting machines. Its application is very wide. Affected by national investment, especially the country's vigorous development of high-speed rail, the output and sales of reinforcement bending machines are growing rapidly. Similar to other steel bar cutting machines, hoop bending, straightening and cutting machines, the production base of this type of machinery has been formed. Most of the products manufactured by manufacturers can meet the needs of users, but the quality of some products cannot meet the requirements of national standards.

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