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Detailed Introduction of the Wire Straightener Straightening Method

Detailed Introduction of the Wire Straightener Straightening Method Detailed Introduction of the Wire Straightener Straightening Method

The wire straightener is a maintenance machine for constructing steel bars of steel scaffolding. It is mainly used for straightening and correcting scaffolding steel bars and other pipes which are tortuously deformed during construction. There is no dent and shrinkage phenomenon on the appearance of the straightened steel bar, which is better than the standards formulated by the Ministry of Construction. The equipment together has the functions of getting rid of the ash fouling scale and rust deposit on the steel bar surface and the painting function. Solve the problems of rust and corrosion, thinning of the pipe wall, can not be used due to simple twists and turns during the construction, dismantling, transfer which would cause safety hazards and other issues in the formation of reinforcing stell scaffold. The machine has the three in one functions of straightening, derusting and painting, which greatly reduces the manual labor and improves the work efficiency.

1、Please remove the large attachments on the steel bars first if there are;

2、Turn on the machine;

3、The tortuous steel pipe elbow is placed into the machine to straighten up or down;

4、Pull the handle to keep the position of the misalignment viewpoint unchanged. Rotate the handwheel to press the straightening pressure block to the straightening orientation.

An abbreviated method is loosen the adjusting wire of the pressing wheel on the wire straightener, put a relatively straight rack pipe into it, and then rotate the adjusting wire to let the upper pressing wheel contacts the rack pipe and be slightly forced, then lock the tightening nut on the adjusting screw tightly. Another condition is the rigidy of the shelf tube. This is a relatively tangled problem. The rigidity is good, the application quality is good, but the straightening effect is poor, and the annealing is not realistic. The shape is long, even though only the tortuous part of the shelf tube is heated, will it still be quenched after straightening, if not the hardness will be far from standard, if quenched because it is not professional technology, simply lead to the shelf tube to be fragile, easily broken, no quenching the shelf tube hardness will be too bad, the application advocates the wire straightener to conduct straightening, the intention will be fulfilled if most of the twists and turns could be traightened , and will the rest still be manually straightened? If the amount of such rack tube is too large, then there is a problem with the rack tube, the user needs to pay attention to the quality when purchasing the shelf tube. Although the rack tube requires hardness, it does not need to be as rigid as a spring.
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