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Key Points in Maintenance of CNC Welding Machine

Key Points in Maintenance of CNC Welding Machine Key Points in Maintenance of CNC Welding Machine

1. The operator of the platoon welding machine in the wire mesh welding line shall not touch any part of the body or any object near the gears, transmission grooves, sprockets, belts, chains, straighteners, inductors, proximity switches, cabinets, transformers and other conductors with dangerous voltages.

2. The operators of platoon welder shall not put the hand or object near the upper electrode or between the upper electrode and the lower electrode, which is moving under pressure.

3. Operators of platoon welder shall not carry electric mortiser or touch off the power adjusting handle on the transformer of welding net power supply, and shall not lift the protective plate.

4. The operator of the welding machine shall not remove or touch the grounding safety protection line on the main engine and the electric cabinet. And they should regularly check whether the safety line is good or not.

5. When there is a phenomenon of fusing in the control cabinet of the platoon welder, the power should be cut off first, and the reason of fusing should be found out by the electrician, then the same type of fuse core should be replaced, otherwise it will cause a fire and destroy the device.

6. The operator of the welding machine shall not adjust the devices in the electric control cabinet at will, or put tools, wires and other sundries into the electric control cabinet or put them on the top of the cabinet and racks.

7. Operators of platoon welding machines must fill lubricating oil into rolling friction parts such as bearings, sliders, slideways, sleeves, sprockets, chains, gears and racks in time, and must not operate the machine in the absence of oil. The lubricating oil should be added after the shutdown. When lubricating oil is injected in operation, the structure in operation can not be touched by the refueling apparatus, but the dripping method can be adopted.

8. Welding machine operators should always pay attention to look, listen, smell. They also should discover the hidden trouble of the accident and equipment in advance. When abnormal phenomena are found, the machine should be shut down immediately for examination and treatment.

9. When the welding machine operator leaves the welding mesh machine for some reasons, the power must be cut off and the speed control knob must be adjusted to the minimum. When the operators leave for a long time, they should turn off the speed control power switch and power switch, lock the electric control cabinet, so as to avoid other people's misoperation, and they should make the upper and lower electrodes out of contact, and let them not to stay in the state of pressurized contact.

10. After a period of use, the upper and lower electrodes of the plating welder will wear or corrode to varying degrees. And the wear degree varies with material and wire diameter. When it is serious, it will directly affect the quality of solder joints, and may cause the false welding or missed welding. So the users must pay attention to timely maintenance and adjustment. When the upper and lower electrodes can not be restored after long-term use, it is necessary to replace the (its material is chromium zirconium copper) electrode.

11. The welder operator is not allowed to switch on the welding power and start operation without warp and weft wires.
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