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The Advantages of Wire Mesh Welding Line

The Advantages of Wire Mesh Welding Line The Advantages of Wire Mesh Welding Line

The wire mesh welding line is a kind of high strength and high efficiency building material for concrete reinforcement. It is a kind of steel mesh sheet which is welded together by resistance spot welding at all crossing points through the automatic production line. It is applied to floor, floor, shear wall, road surface, bridge deck pavement, box culvert, dock floor, prefabricated component and so on. Wire mesh welding line is made of low carbon hot rolled wire by cold drawing or cold rolling. The tensile strength of wire is increased to more than 550MPa, so the amount of wire can be reduced by more than 30%. In addition, because of the factory automation production line, the loss of steel mesh is minimal.

Improving engineering quality: wire mesh welding line is according to the general international design and process, made from automatic production line, production process to strict quality control, the grid size, reinforced specifications such as quality requirements can be effectively controlled, there will be no site personnel bound and colligation errors or omissions, jerry happens, thus improve the quality of the project.

Improve crack resistance: wire mesh welding line is manufacturing with a rigorous calculation, accurate arrangement again according to the design specification, and then make its complex vertical and horizontal reinforcing steel bar in current intersection, whole net interval size tidy uniform, the uniform stress transfer, load can be evenly spread over the whole concrete structure, can prevent the occurrence of cracks. According to the actual test results, more cracks can be reduced by more than 75% when the road is paved with steel mesh.

Increase production efficiency: the use of steel mesh can save the time of site binding (save more than 70% of working time), facilitate the arrangement of subsequent concrete construction and shorten the construction period. As a new construction material, cold rolled ribbed bar and reinforced welding network have been listed as one of the 10 new technologies in the ninth five-year plan by the ministry of construction. It will be widely used in the construction industry to improve the industrialization level of steel reinforcement engineering and obtain good economic and social benefits.
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