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The Maintenance Work at the Site of the Wire Bending Machine and Its Requirements

The Maintenance Work at the Site of the Wire Bending Machine and Its Requirements The Maintenance Work at the Site of the Wire Bending Machine and Its Requirements

First, the four requirements for the maintenance of wire bending machine

1. Neat: tools, workpieces, and accessories are placed neatly; safety protection devices are all in readiness; line piping is complete.

2. Clean: the inside and outside of the equipment is clean; all sliding surfaces and screws, gears, racks etc. are oil-free, no bumps; all parts are of no oil leakage, no water leakage, no air leakage, no electricity leakage; chipping trash is cleared.

3. lubrication: Add and change oil on time, oil quality meets the requirements; oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum and oil line is clean and complete, oil leveler is bright, oil flow is smooth. 

4. Safety: Implement the system of fixed personnel and machine as well as fixed shifts; be familiar with the equipment structure and comply with the operating procedures, use the equipment reasonably, carefully  maintain the equipment, and prevent accidents. Second, the work content of metal wire bending machine regional maintenance:

1. The maintenance workers on duty each day shall take the initiative to patrol the installation level and accuracy of the equipment in the responsible region, and make detailed records for future reference.

2. For precision equipment with special requirements on the environment (constant temperature, constant humidity, anti-vibration, dustproof), enterprises should take corresponding measures to ensure that the accuracy and performance of the equipment are not affected.

3. Do not disassemble components of the precise, rare, and critical equipment in the daily maintenance generally especially optical components. When it must be dismantled, it should be carried out by a special repair worker. If abnormal phenomena are found during operation of the equipment, it must be stopped immediately and not allowed to operate with the faults.

4. Operate the wire bending machine strictly according to the processing range specified in the equipment instruction manual. It is not allowed to use equipment with super specification, overweight, overload and overpressure. Precision equipment is only allowed to be processed precisely for direct use, the machining allowance should be reasonable, the castings and blanks must be pre-blasted or painted.

5. Lubricating materials, wiping materials and cleaning agents of the equipment should be used strictly in accordance with the provisions of the manual, and should not be used interchangeably. Lubricating oil must pass the test and must be filtered before being added to the tank. 6. A protective cover should be added in the non-working hours of precise, rare equipment. If it unsed for a long time, please wipe, lubricate and run free-load regularly.

7. The accessories and special tools of the equipment should have special cabinet racks to keep them clean, prevent rust and bruises, and can not be borrowed or used for other purposes.
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