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The Operation Principle of the Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

The Operation Principle of the Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine The Operation Principle of the Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Operation principle: The motor accelerates through the belt driving, making the straightening cylinder rotate at a high speed, the steel bars passing through the straightening cylinder get straightened, and the scale on the steel surface is removed by the straightening mold; the motor is driven by another pair of slow-moving belt and the gear reducer, it drives two conveying pressure rollers to tract the steel bars forward on the one hand, and on the other hand, it drives the crank wheel to move the hammer head up and down. When the steel bar is adjusted to the predetermined length, the hammer head hits the up tool holder and cuts the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving frame, the knife table returns to the original position due to the spring action: a cycle is completed.

1. Performance structure of the wire straightening and cutting machine: The straightening mechanism is composed of straightening roller, straightening pressure block and bearing housing at both ends together to complete the straightening work of the wire. The power is from the motor mounted on the lower part of the frame, and the straight shaft is rotated by the V-belt at a high speed. The pressure roller part of the feeding mechanism is composed of two synchronously operated pressure rollers, which is driven by a V-belt chain to drive a pair of gears, and the coaxial pair of pressure rollers are synchronously operated therewith. While working, the metal surface material runs forward through the groove of the outer circle of the jade wheel under the action of friction force, and the adjustment of the cup spring can change the feeding speed of the metal surface material. Its maximum value is equal to the outer round speed of the pressure roller. In the work, the pressure should be properly adjusted according to the diameter and rigidity of the processed wire to obtain the best straightening effect and production efficiency of the wire straightening and cutting machine.

2. Cutting mechanism of the wire straightening and cutting machine--The cutting mechanism is fulfilling the cutting off job by combining an eccentric mechanism and a tool holder at one end of the straight thread together to do so. The eccentric mechanism is composed of a main shaft, a bone block, an eccentric wheel, a rocker arm, and a punch. The power is from the cutting motor rotating the main shaft through the V-belt, and the punch reciprocates up and down under the action of the eccentric mechanism. During operation, when the wire in the straight wire channel reaches a fixed length, the metal quickly pushes the straight wire groove under the action of the pressing force of the pressure roller group, and the boss of the punch at the top of the cutter head moves at the rear of the punch. In the working stroke of the punch when the ratio is exceeded, the cutter head is impacted by the punching block, thereby cutting the metal wire with a fixed length. At the same time, when the middle block is descending, the groove is twisted underneath, so that the sealing rod rotates around the guide shaft, and the material village cut off in the line slot is automatically dropped into the wire bucket under the action of gravity. When the punching head is up, the cutter head also goes up; the sealing rod re-closes the trunking under the action of the torsion spring. After the pushing power of the disappears, the silk groove initial wipe state is restored under the action of the tension spring, entering the next cycle. The wire feeding mechanism receiving frame is composed of a cyclone, a material blocking rod, a mandrel, a base, etc., and the wire reel can be rotated around the mandrel. After the disc wire is placed, the cyclone can continuously and automatically feed under the feeding mechanism.
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