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The Performance of Wire Mesh Welding Line Machine

The Performance of Wire Mesh Welding Line Machine The Performance of Wire Mesh Welding Line Machine

We know how important the quality of the wire mesh is in the wire mesh welding line machine performance configuration, and brand price is next, and use value is the key. So how do you see the configuration of this device?

Now wire mesh welding line is one of the major building materials. In many engineering construction, it has the effect of shock resistance to crack, and has good bearing capacity, widely used in tunnels, Bridges, buildings, dams and other large infrastructure projects, and increases the service life of the building and safety coefficient. So under the wire mesh welding line application trend, many enterprises or individuals want to investment in the industry, then have the quality guarantee of welded mesh factory is particularly important, the professional manufacturing factory is strictly for the choice of raw materials, spare parts. Firstly, the structure of the configuration can be trusted. The second consideration is device use. If the manufacturer's technology is not mature, it is likely to cause serious welding slag, weld mark, spark, and other effects on the quality of mesh. Finally, there are installation and debugging problems. It is understood that as a large steel wire production line, the later installation process is essential, and the subsequent operation, failure maintenance, equipment maintenance and other technical guidance will directly affect the technical proficiency of operators.

How to select a suitable wire mesh welding line machine? Suggest that we first understand the products parameters and requirements. Different mesh size, material have different welding net machine configuration, without a doubt, not all of the mesh can be done on one device welding, after all, the domestic market, automatic welding net machine also features only use automatic program-controlled technology, if all adopt mechanical unattended operation, cost price with millions, for the cost of the mesh is not realistic.

What about the performance of the wire mesh welding line machine? From the price into consideration, after all, a price a points goods, different price in complex control, welding range, welding speed configuration is different. The current popular is numerical control automatic welding net machine, which is easy to operate, and advantage of welding wire diameter, mesh welding, welding speed can be welded by automatic control cabinet by the complete input. It belongs to a type mesh welding lines, plate wire feeding, automatic wire, nc welding, loop net, automatic double pieces, code pieces and the whole process, greatly improved the welding speed, reduce operator working strength, This machine has strong practicability, which makes the welding of steel mesh easier and faster.
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