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Wire Drawing Machine

Wire Drawing Machine Wire Drawing Machine

  • Wire Drawing Machine has advanced technology is introduced from Europe, lots of parts have patent for invention, the high efficiency also high endurance and humane designings are safe and reliable;
  • High precision of PLC control, LCD display is easy for operating, have mighty graphics library, it is able to communicate with management software;
  • Rollers of straight wire drawing machine working with specially developed small rolling head;
  • Overall controlled by the electromagnetic frequency, wires are not easily breaking, high automation level;
  • Wire Drawing Machine has large wire diameter deduce ribbed wires is workable; wire drawing dies is optional in the first few processes and the last process use rolling head with ribbed unit;
  • TJK Wire Drawing Machine have been sold nearly 100 pcs around the world.
  • Wire Drawing Machine LZZ-4-560

    Technical Data of Wire Drawing Machine LZZ-4-560TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICSPower supply voltage380 [V] – 60 [Hz]Installed power200 [KW]AirConsumption (filtered, dried, no water, no oil)0.5 [m3/min]Oper... Wire Drawing Machine LZZ-4-560