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The operation requirements of wire straightener

The operation requirements of wire straightener The operation requirements of wire straightener

For quality requirements of operators, first of all, we should train operators how to operate equipment, they must be trained no matter how easy it is, because wire straightener must have some accident in the process of operating, if it can not be dealt with in time or force stop it, it must be very dangerous and cause terrible results. As a result, the regular operations of machine must be mastered so that they can work with safety.

Besides, many companies need long-time working hours, for operators, long-time adrenaline surge is necessary for them, if they are tired or absent-minded, there may be some problems and danger. Operators must be energetic without drinking habits, it is safer for production without accident.

Operator also should master the daily maintenance work of wire straightener, there is some advice for you, I hope it can help you.
A.Maintain the motor base, aligning drum, feeding box pulley, chain sprocket and drawing roller well;
B.Check screw, bearing and straightening wheel bracket carefully before working;
C.Clean and maintain it every month;
D.Check the temperature of each bearing and fuel tank often in the process of working.
E.Adjust spinning and oiling in straightening drum of wire straightener.
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