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TJK was Invited to Participate in the World Intelligent Conference  

TJK was Invited to Participate in the World Intelligent Conference   TJK was Invited to Participate in the World Intelligent Conference  

Recently, with the invitation of Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, TJK as a leader enterprise in the industry of intelligent rebar processing robot industrialization joined the world intelligence conference. 

Over the years, TJK has been keeping pace with times, actively building smart factories, and continuously complying with the times requires to develop intelligent rebar processing robots. For example, they broke the thinking of traditional network chip processing and design, and developed the GWCAK33-1 smart reinforcement open hole mesh welding robot. It can not only weld traditional standard mesh, but also weld the open window screen of the assembly type house, open the door net film and other kinds of specifications and shape screen. In this way, a smart reinforcement welding robot can meet the demand of all the network tablets needed for the industrial PC component of the building, filling the gap of flexible welding technology of the rebar opening mesh of domestic assembly houses. For another example, they have developed the three-dimensional intelligent steel bending robot, which can automatically process the plane and the three-dimensional shape of the stirrup. The steel bar with double wire processing is 5mm ~ 12mm. With multiple core invention patents, it can meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. 

At present, TJK has developed three series of intelligent steel reinforcement processing robots, which covers the complete set of equipment for the intelligent processing of steel bar, including single - piece reinforcement forming robot, composite reinforced concrete robot and reinforcing robot. Its products are widely used in construction industrialization, high-speed railway, expressway, sponge city, underground pipe corridor, civil construction, hydroelectric, nuclear power, airport and harbour. 

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