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Processing Technology of Wire Cages

Processing Technology of Wire Cages Processing Technology of Wire Cages

Processing technology of wire cages

Technological process
1. Construction lofting of bench formwork and mould.

2. Steel inspection→ construction lofting and laying-off of reinforcement.

3. Installation of sound tube→ sectional processing of wire cage→ inspection of wire cage.

4. Hoisting of the bottom of wire cage

5. Alignment test for second quarter hoisting

6. The connection between the upper and lower joints of wire cage → quality inspection.

7. Hanging the last section and positioning.

8. Weld acoustic tube and hanger by wire cage welding machine.

Processing the mould of wire cage by wire cage welding machine: make composite mould by welding steel plates, each set of mould is made up of three parts, which are bottom beam, the bottom beam embedded rebar and arc steel plate. The bottom beam is made of mixed soil. The arc steel plate is made of 10m steel plate. The arc steel plate is set according to one third of the arc length of the outer edge of rebar. The arc steel plate is set with grooves corresponding to the position of the main rebar. After checking, the steel bars will be welded vertically by wire cage welding machine and fixed by the embedded rebar in the bottom beam.

Wire cage transportation, sinking and connection

When lifting and installing wire cage, protective measures should be taken to avoid deformation of the wire cage. Use crane to hoist, and set two lifting point. During the lifting process, hoist and lower gently. Use flat car to transport goods to the work point. The cage should be hoisted into the hole by hoisting machine. When the wire cage is hoisted into the hole, it should be inserted after the center of the steel skeleton and the pile hole are aligned, and the wire cage should be kept perpendicular during the lowering process. The inserted wire cage should be temporarily fixed by reinforcing rebar. The upper section of wire cage should be suspended temporarily by the crane. After the upper and lower sections are aligned to form a straight line, find the position of the main reinforcement and control perpendicularity by the pendant from left to right. After adjustment, make simple connection, and the acoustic tube and weld the stirrup at the connection. After the upper and lower joints are docked, the supporting section steel should be pulled out and the wire cage continues to be placed. In order to avoid the wire cage hitting the hole wall, the wire cage should be slowly lowered and the hanging element should be placed on the axis of the wire cage so as not to shake it. Four rings must be guaranteed for wire cage entering hole. According to the elevation position of control platform, the length and welding position should be calculated and determined accurately to ensure the accuracy of the elevation position of wire cage. The rebar used for fixing the wire cage must have enough strength and rigidity, the fulcrum should be flat and the clasp should be firmly secured.

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