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Welding Operation and Welding Principle of Wire Cage

Welding Operation and Welding Principle of Wire Cage Welding Operation and Welding Principle of Wire Cage

Welding operation of wire cage welding machine

1. Striking arc: striking arc should be done at the place where the weld is formed to prevent burning the main reinforcement.
2. Positioning: when using wire cage welding machine, you should first weld positioning points and then carry on welding.
3. Manipulation of electrode: moving straight forward, horizontal swinging and sending the welding rod, these three movements should be coordinated smoothly.
Arc starting and arc stopping: When stopping the arc, the molten pool should be filled. Be careful to avoid causing arc rubbing damage on the working surface.

Welding principle of wire cage welding machine

The two cables at the output end of the manual arc welding power supply are connected with the welding rod and the workpiece respectively, and form a closed circuit including power supply, welding cable, welding clamp and welding rod, which is so called welding circuit. The process of manual arc welding starts with the ignition of the arc. The hot arc melts the end of the electrode and the surface of the workpiece beneath the arc, forming a liquid metal part with a certain geometric shape on the weldment called the molten pool. The molten electrode core transits to the molten pool dropwise through the arc, fusing with the melted workpiece and forming a welding line after cooling and solidifying. Obviously, molten pool metal is made up of melted weldments and welding cores. During welding, the electrode coating decomposes, and gas and slag are formed after melting, which can protect the welding zone and deoxidize and purify the molten pool metal. As the arc moves forward along the welding direction, the workpiece and the weld core melt continuously to form a new tank. The original pool cools as the arc is far away from the pool. After solidification, a welding line is formed, and than the two separate weldments will be jointed into one.

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