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Several Special Properties of the Wire Straightener

Several Special Properties of the Wire Straightener Several Special Properties of the Wire Straightener

The wire straightener itself has several special properties. Here, the author takes the reinforcing wire material as an example to introduce these few properties for everyone to understand.

First of all, what is to be introduced is the self-inductance of the wire straightener. When the current in the closed loop changes, the magnetic flux passing through the loop itself caused by the current is also changed, so the electromotive force will also be induced in the loop. This phenomenon is called the self-inductance phenomenon of the wire straightener, and this induced electromotive force is called the self-induced electromotive force.

The second is the electromotive force of the wire straightener. The potential difference caused by the conversion of other forms of energy into electric energy in the circuit is called the electrodynamic potential of the wire straightener or brief to be the electric potential.

Finally, the mutual reinforcement of the wire straightener. If two coils are close to each other, part of the magnetic flux generated by the current in the first coil is looped with the second coil. When the current in the first coil changes, the magnetic flux looped with the second coil loop also changes, and an induced electromotive force is generated in the second coil. This phenomenon is called mutual inductance.

These few kinds of"attributes" are closely related to physics in fact. In the specific operation process of the wire straightener, the staff can make full use of these attributes to facilitate operation and improve efficiency.
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