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Performance and Characteristic of Wire Mesh Welding Line and Warm Net

Performance and Characteristic of Wire Mesh Welding Line and Warm Net Performance and Characteristic of Wire Mesh Welding Line and Warm Net

Performance and features of the wire mesh welding line: adopting power electronic synchronous control technology, the welding time and separate control welding are all composed of digital integrated circuits, with high control accuracy, stable performance, firm welding spot and no burn mark. The welding speed is fast and the operation is easy to learn. The filling line is provided with precision weft cutting device and axial positioning device, which ensures that the length of the filling wire is consistent and the edge is neat without cutting edge. Elastic rod and grid positioning device are used in the mesh drawing, which makes the mesh fine adjustment easily, the mesh size accuracy is high, and the aperture of welding wire can be adjusted freely within the range. Wire mesh welding line, also known as the scaffold foot soldering machine, aor steel fence soldering machine, scaffolding steel fence soldering machine. The steel arbageway mesh sheet produced by the steel arbageway welder is praised as the new flame retardant scaffold pedal in the construction industry, which extends from the southern city to the surrounding and gradually replaces the bamboo sheet pedal. It is highly sought after by users in the construction industry.

The advantages of the wire mesh welding line are basically reflected in: the upper electrode is pressurized by cylinder, and the pressure adjustment is convenient and accurate. The welding of multiple welding spots can be completed uniformly at one time; The dropping and rising speed of the pressure head can be adjusted arbitrarily. The secondary conductor adopts the upper insulation method, and the insulation performance is stable and reliable. The main loop uses high-power silicon controlled elements, and the output power supply is strong, stable and reliable. The operation is controlled by foot switch with high productivity and low labor intensity. Be suitable for welding metal mesh and mesh cover. Welding equipment has many parts. It is easy to be damaged if you don't pay attention to them in the process of transportation. If the damage is carried out after sales, it will be complained, and the manufacturer needs to compensate for certain economic losses. After the CNC floor heating mesh welding machine is installed on the car, make sure that there is no easily broken things inside the car, and the things that are easy to burn cannot be put inside. After the inspection, make sure to fasten the door to the door. Avoid the phenomenon that the door of the car is smashed in the process of driving, which is very easy to lose property and cause safety hazards.
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