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Gather Intelligence and Make Innovations--Research and Innovation Studio of TJK

Gather Intelligence and Make Innovations--Research and Innovation Studio of TJK Gather Intelligence and Make Innovations--Research and Innovation Studio of TJK

Gather Intelligence and Make Innovations--Research and Innovation Studio of TJK 1

Recently, China metallurgical news reporters come to the development and innovation studio of TJK. More than 40 technical staffs here are engaged in a "head-to-head duel " to modify CNC truss welding line CNC system for high-speed railway which is newly researched. Under the leadership of Zhendong Chen, the labor model of Tianjin and chairman of TJK, the studio has changed from a technical team of a few people to a research and innovation studio of dozens of people today, which has become a new engine for the development of TJK. 

This year, the studio aims at the concept of "green building", relying on intelligent processing, by the way of replacing manual work with robots, reducing the production errors to a minimum. At present, TJK has already been the leader of intelligent rebar processing solution system integrator in China. It has nearly 400 patents and more than 200 patents for innovation, covering the whole area of high-end steel reinforcement processing, forming a pattern of smart steel bending robot as "assassin's mace", intelligent rebar welded mesh robot, intelligent steel truss welding robot, intelligent steel bar straightening robot, intelligent steel bending robot, etc as core products. And it has been exported to overseas market, which obtained a good product reputation.

‘You see, CNC steel cage forming machine automatic welding machine device which has just won the "Tianjin patent gold award" , through the design of r&d personnel, is easy to operate and use. It has also filled the domestic gap, broke the foreign technology blockade and market monopoly, and promoted the technological progress of the industry. Now this set of devices has been widely used in many fields such as expressways, urban rail transit and civil buildings, completely changed the pattern of reinforcement cage on site relying on artificial binding, improved the processing efficiency and welding quality of steel cage and played an active role in promoting the standardization of steel bar in China. In addition, the equipment has also received favorable comments from CRCG, zhongke group, China water conservancy nuclear power, Changsha big, Vanke, Asia, and other countries and regions.’ Wang Likun, director of the center for TJK, said. 

When it comes to the high and new projects, and filling the domestic and foreign blank,Baohong Li, a member of the studio, said, ‘ These achievements are inseparable from the efforts of nearly 100 staffs in our studio. The reason why it can fill so many gaps lies in the cooperation with TJPU, Hebei University of Technology and many other high institutions, giving full play to the wisdom effect and gathering technical staffs together. In the form of 'regular meeting', we innovate and share scientific and technological thinking, so as to achieve the goal of common progress.’ So far, half of the 40 researchers in the innovation studio have received intermediate engineer titles. She said, ‘When I first came to the studio, I was not very good at research in the construction industry, because the knowledge of learning in school was not matched with the application construction. Under the leadership of Chen, I adapted to the rhythm and working style in the studio. Now, through efforts, I have obtained the intermediate engineer title. I especially thank the studio for building this platform. I had learned a lot from the work model and also opened up my thinking mode.

This year, through the research power, the studio will also take advantages of the latest research methods and extend intelligent reinforcement processing. We will also energetically carry out production and research cooperation to attract more technical personnels to join in. When it comes to the expectations of the studio, Wang said, ‘The next step is to enhance technical communication and research topics, combining the current concept of building blocks with building blocks, converting intellectual thinking into production practice, making the studio not only help enterprises to develop, but also can develop a building foundation that is closer to the smart city. We will strive to create greater benefits for the company and contribute to the construction of the city.’

---Information from China iron and steel network 
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