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How to Solve the Inaccurate Length of Rebar Straightening Machine

How to Solve the Inaccurate Length of Rebar Straightening Machine How to Solve the Inaccurate Length of Rebar Straightening Machine

Straightening machine, also known as rebar straightening machine, is a kind of straightening equipment. Steel straightening machine is one of the bar processing machinery. Used for cutting straight steel bar with diameter below 14mm, cutting length can be customized according to customer requirements. It has the characteristics of adjustable, direct cutting stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, cold wire drawing, plastic coated steel wire, etc., uniform incision, small error, excellent performance.

The long-term use of the strut on the rebar straightening machine will inevitably wear the gears, resulting in inaccurate length of the steel bar. In addition, long-term use of the meter will inevitably damage the meter counter. Will the dimensions be accurate after the user replaces these instrument-related accessories? Steel bars are long or short. So how to solve this problem after encountering it? This requires the user to recalibrate the size. How to perform orthodontic dimension calibration? The following describes the size calibration method of the rebar straightening machine.

1. Introduction to the structure of rebar straightening machine

The structure of the rebar straightening machine is adjusted by the high-speed rotor rotation of straight wire die angle, to achieve the effect of straightening, and then through the spinning wheel forward. After reaching the required size, the wire touches the positioning key and pushes the runway forward 5 mm, the upper punch presses the vertical cutter and immediately cuts off. The wire presses the open bearing through the pressure plate on the vertical cutter, and the wire automatically falls to the bracket. If you want to change the length, move the positioning key.

2. Setting method for the length of rebar straightening machine

First, the rebar straightening machine sets and adjusts ten steel bars with length of 1 meter, and the mobile straightener cuts 3 bars, and stops the operation immediately. The size of the first cut is not counted. Measure the actual length of the second and third bars. According to the actual length, add or subtract the corresponding length according to "length +" "length -" on the computer control panel, run the rebar straightening machine to cut the three steel bars, and immediately measure the actual length of 1 meter according to the above procedure (dimensional accuracy up to ±0.5 cm).

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