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Matters Needing Attention in Daily Maintenance of Wire Mesh Welding Line Machine

Matters Needing Attention in Daily Maintenance of Wire Mesh Welding Line Machine Matters Needing Attention in Daily Maintenance of Wire Mesh Welding Line Machine

1. Firstly, using the right operation method, operating correctly or not will directly affect the quality of the equipment. Imagine if the correct operation of the gear is right, but the operator turn to the left, this will increase the damage of equipment, so the first thing is the operator's skill in the use of the equipment.
2. The wire mesh welding line machine should be cleaned regularly after a long period of use. Dust and foreign matter falling on the surface should be cleaned.
3. The maintenance of relevant parts is also a top priority. Lubricating oil should be often added to mechanical parts, and it is best to carefully maintain each part.
4. When abnormal phenomenon such as abnormal sound occurs during welding, stop the machine timely for inspection.
5. When the wire mesh welding line machine stops working, the power supply shall be shut off in time. If it does not work for a long time, check regularly, lubricate the parts and lock the control box. Welding machine is mainly used for welding steel mesh sheet of various sizes, and its welding precision and production is the best choice for mesh sheet welding at present.

Daily notes for operators:
1. Before use, check the plug of control board and the socket must be inserted firmly;
2. The outer shell of the wire mesh welding line machine must be reliably grounded, and the welding machine shall not be affected by moisture;
3. Adjust the secondary voltage according to the welding part thickness, and the indicator light should be on after turning on the power switch
5. It is strictly forbidden to touch the head with hands to avoid electric shock and scalding.
6. After each operation, the photoelectric machine head should be repaired in time;
7. After each work, check whether the machine head, spring, lever group and foot are damaged and loose, and restore and repair in time;
8. Check the electrical control components after the completion of each work order to see if they are effective. If there is any damage, replace and repair it in time;
9. Repair mechanical transmission parts on the day of damage. Communicate with manufacturers to repair as soon as possible
10. When using power, it is not allowed to open the control box housing, let alone touch all parts of the box by hand to avoid electric shock (high pressure of 380V inside the box).
11. Make sure to cut off the power supply when checking internal connection and control board connection.
12. Do not touch the components on the control board by hand, or there may be static electricity damage to the components.
13. The potentiometers on the control board have been adjusted. Please do not move randomly.
15. Check the wiring in the box regularly (once a month).

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