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How to adjust mesh welder

How to adjust mesh welder How to adjust mesh welder

Regulating steps of steel mesh welding machine and welding machine of mesh

1.Close power switch to supply power for welding machine of mesh;
2.Check if net platform is at the zero position, if it is, start the step three, if it is not,adjust net platform to the zero position and the net pull controller must be in the position of HP2 and make sure;
3.Adjust welding net control switch and net control switch to off;
4.Put wire diameter with automatic threading function from the wear silk machine;
5.Press the “start”button to turn on spindle drive motor;
6.Turn on speed controller and rotate speed governing to make it rotate;
7.Put a tram when machine is rotating and turn on net control;
8.After finishing mesh welding machine, turn off we;ding net control and net control, rotate switch to off and slam on brake to make machine stop;
9.Take down the meshes and entrance next wire diameter for wire welding;
10.Press “ return” button and let net platform return to the zero position;
11.Repeat step six to step ten for regular operation.

Daily precautions for use of mesh welding machine

1.It should be installed in factory shed, which can keep out rain and wind, in case that welding machine of mesh will be corroded or aged;
2.Don’t touch electrode, gear, belt and charged conductor element in the process of operation;
3.No air pressure when use or adjust it, in case that machine will have short cut or electrode damage;
4.Electrode will be oxidized or worn after being used for a long time, electrode tip can be exchanged or change directly;
5.Check wire and circuit on time, the use of power should be with leakage protector;
6.Turn off switch if there is some problem or long time on use.
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