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Stirrup Bending Machine

Stirrup Bending Machine Stirrup Bending Machine

TJK Machinery CNC Stirrup bending machine has always led the development of the industry, with the most advanced international technology achievements and a number of core invention patents. Development and production of a full range of CNC Stirrup Bending machine and supporting a series of auxiliary equipment to meet the needs of different customers around the world. Disc-type bending mechanism to avoid the collision of stirrups, making the pass rate reached 100%; the shear structure is used split multi-faceted with a knife design, improve the service life. 100K / S high-speed pulse output control, real-time closed-loop control of high-precision servo drive, high-speed production while ensuring a high degree of processing accuracy.

1. Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine has advanced technology of rebar bending machine is introduced from Europe, the high efficiency also high endurance and humane designs are safe and reliable, many units have patents for invention;
2. Single Wire Diameter 5-13 mm, double wires 5-10 mm; precision and fast machining;
3. Stirrup Bending Machine has high precision of PLC control, LCD display is easy for operating, have mighty graphics library, it is able to communicate with management software;
4. The fixing cutting base is separated with fixing cutter, the mobile cutter has four working sides for easy changing, this design will increase efficiency and lower the cost, this also have patent for invention;
5. The power of the motor of wire bender machine has been increased, the electric control cabinet is stable working with the help of constant temperature unit;
6. TJK of wire bending machine has been sold more than 2000 pieces around the world.