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Matters Needing Attention for Operation of Wire Mesh Welding Line

Matters Needing Attention for Operation of Wire Mesh Welding Line Matters Needing Attention for Operation of Wire Mesh Welding Line

1. Operators of the wire mesh welding line machine shall not adjust the devices in the electric control cabinet at will, and shall not put tools, iron wires and other sundries into the electric control cabinet or put them on the top of the cabinet and rack.

2. The operator of the wire mesh welding line machine shall timely add lubricating oil to the parts and components of rolling friction such as bearing, sliding block, sliding way, sliding sleeve, sprocket, chain, gear and rack, and shall not run without oil. The filling of lubricating oil should be carried out after the stop. The part where lubricating oil must be added during operation shall not be touched by the lubricating device during operation, and drip mode can be adopted.

3. Operators of the machine should pay attention to watching, listening and listening at any time, and find accident and equipment hidden dangers in advance. When abnormal phenomena are found, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and treatment.

4. When the operator of the wire mesh welding line machine leaves the grid machine for some reason, it must stop the machine and cut off power, and set the speed control controller to the minimum. When leaving for a long time, turn off the speed-regulating power switch and the main power switch, lock the electric control cabinet to avoid others' wrong operation, and make the upper and lower electrodes out of contact, and do not stay in the pressurized contact state.

5. After being used for a period of time, the upper and lower electrodes of the machine will be worn or electric erosion of varying degrees of trench. The degree of wear will be different due to different materials and wire diameters. When the upper and lower electrodes cannot be restored after long-term use, the electrodes (made of chromium, zirconium and copper) need to be replaced.

6. Operators of the machine shall not connect the welding power source to start operation without the warp and weft wires. Otherwise, there will be a large short circuit current between the upper and lower electrodes, which will cause damage to the upper and lower electrodes or the electric control system.
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