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Production Technology and Quality Requirements of Wire Cage

Production Technology and Quality Requirements of Wire Cage Production Technology and Quality Requirements of Wire Cage

Production technology and quality requirements of wire cage

1. The material and quality of rebar must be checked before welding wire cage by wire cage welding machine. Only after qualified, can wire cage be processed and manufactured.

2. Wire cage is made on a special platform. The wire cage platform is a plane frame structure made of 120 mm I-shape steel.
It is vertical and horizontal vertical, level and stable.

3. Reinforcement joints shall be welded with staggered joints by wire cage welding machine. The percentage of welded joints of main rebar in the same joint section shall not exceed 50%.

4. The overlap of rebar is welded by one-side overlap welding. The overlap length is 10 d. For example, the overlap of two rebar with 25 mm diameter and the length of weld seam need to reach 25 cm or more than 25 cm, the minimum thickness of the gap should be 0.050. The minimum gap width should be 0.1 in order to meet the welding requirements.

5. Spot welding between stirrups and main rebar by wire cage welding machine to ensure welding quality. The quantity and spacing of stirrups are strictly in accordance with the drawings.
6. When cutting rebar, special cutting machine should be used to cut material, so as to ensure the size is accurate and neat.

7. Before the rebar brazing construction, the rebar joints and the rust spots, oil stains and sundries on the contact surface of rebar at the tunnels should be cleaned up.

When the ends of rebar are bent or twisted, they should be straightened or cut off. The wire cage should be straight after welding, the surface of rebar used should be free of oil stains and rust, the electroluminescent strip must meet the requirements of the design code, the welder should inspect the appearance quality of the weld, the slag and spatter must be polished and cleaned, the surface must not have cracks, slag inclusion, porosity and other defects, and the surface of the joint and rebar must not be undercut defects. If it is bigger than 0.5MM, the undercut must be repaired, and the next pass must be welded after the qualification is confirmed.

9. Welding should be vertical and horizontal, first symmetrical spot weld, after inspection, and then weld the joint firmly.

10. Take the stiffness of the cage into account, the cross bracing should be added to the rebar diagram of the wire cage. Reinforce rebar by welding 25mm round steel.

11. Effective wind and rain shielding measures should be taken to avoid the occurrence of stomatal defects. When rainy days or relative humidity is bigger than 90% with no effective measures, welding should be suspended.

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