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Wire Cage Welding Machine

Wire Cage Welding Machine Wire Cage Welding Machine

Wire cage welding machine is specially used to weld socket and flat steel skeleton. It is one of the indispensable special equipment in concrete industry. It is mainly used in the construction of reinforced concrete drainage pipe and other municipal building construction.

At present, many difficult problems such as welding precision, speed, real-time tracking of solder joints and reliability of equipment in complex environment have been restricting the development of the technology of wire cage welding machine. In view of these technical bottlenecks, there is a topic has been done on the analysis of the feasibility of PLC control, and developed software of control system around the PLC peripheral equipment selection and control system. Unified was. Firstly, choose the PLC to be the core of the control system, and built the hardware platform, which mainly includes touch screen, PLC, frequency converter, deceleration motor, encoder, communication module, A/D conversion module and current transformer, etc. And then select the communication mode on this basis. The control part of mechanical transmission adopts cycloidal-pin wheel reducer motor, which makes the system have larger transmission ratio and smaller inertia torque. The PI closed-loop negative feedback control system is composed of frequency converter, cycloidal pin-wheel reducer and encoder, which greatly improves the control precision of screw pitch and joint angle of wire cage welding machine.

The welding control circuit adopts all digital 7302 welding controller, photoelectric switch, welding transformer, thyristor element, copper conductor, circulating water cooling system and so on, which solves the problem of slow circuit response and untimely shutdown. In the control system, A / D conversion module is used to collect data, which solves the problem of real-time detection of virtual welding and leakage welding, and greatly improves the production efficiency. The human-machine interface adopts Mitsubishi GOT-F940 touch screen, and use software Designer 2 optimize the design, which improves the clarity and maneuverability of the control interface, and is convenient for the operator to monitor the operation status and set parameters.

The design of the control system of wire cage welding machine has greatly improved the automation level of wire cage welding machine, filled the technical gap of spot tracking in real time, and made it have more superior performance than similar products.

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