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TJK Machinery is Building a Learning-oriented Management Team

TJK Machinery is Building a Learning-oriented Management Team TJK Machinery is Building a Learning-oriented Management Team

Headline News

The TJK machinery (Tianjin) co., LTD. is entrusted with the cooperation of the training institutions by the Bureau of SMEs of Tianjin Municipality, in September 2nd, a training course was developed to enhance the ability of middle managers.

Detailed Information

The TJK machinery has made remarkable achievements in the years of development, as the enterprise is going to be listed on the main board, enterprises are facing greater opportunities and challenges, the new opportunities require higher requirements for the management team of the group.

This training course was an in-depth heuristic study, which was completely different from the development of training and speech training. In addition to the team competition, students were required to devote themselves to the competition. And the professional senior lecturers guided students into deep experiences and discussions, it was a highly experienced course.

Through this training, the management staff of TJK machinery will enhance team spirit, increase trust, and face and solve problems with a positive attitude; It can establish global awareness, define personal responsibility and understanding of individual work roles, it can enhance mutual understanding among team members and challenge themselves, break old mindset, and enhance confidence and determination to meet challenges.




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