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Make Bending Hoop Machine Production Better

Make Bending Hoop Machine Production Better Make Bending Hoop Machine Production Better

Mechanical construction concept in the field of civil engineering has gained more and more recognition, intelligent rebar processing equipment has been widely recognized in recent years, the focus of the nationwide engineering method has a hard targets on the steel processing model, a more strict quality standard and stability requirements, capacity for intelligent rebar processing equipment has provided a broad market, decades of industry experience, make industry to more accurate grasp of the market demand, market-oriented, starting from the actual demand, equipment process has experienced several major innovations.

Make Bending Hoop Machine Production Better

Facing the new demand of the industry, the innovation speed of intelligent equipment technology can not meet the demand of development. Of the overall breakthrough. On the one hand the need for accumulation of experience and senior technical team to achieve the equipment technology to improve and upgrade, on the other hand, you need to fully operate their own industry resources and architectural design institutes around the depth of the exchange of ideas in the construction method to achieve a breakthrough on the concept of change.

To the site of the widest variety of field application of various types of stirrups, for example, the traditional construction mode, after the mechanical equipment to complete stirrup processing, it needs manual secondary lashing, as a result of a stirrup for discrete state, to ensure the building of construction strength, the need for the stirrup in the reserved angle of 135 degrees, and according to the systematic study and experience at home and abroad, TJK machinery make innovation and change method of subversive. The first in the world to achieve the first continuous stirrup processing mode, not only in building construction strength has been significantly improved and can save a large number of 135 degrees due to the angle of the steel raw material waste.

The success of Intelligent bender robot sold in the domestic not only thanks to the technical team of hard work diligently, but also benefited from all aspects of the company's support. The new equipment will become another competitive product of TJK machinery, the completion of new products truly reflects the construction of people firmly, down to earth pioneering spirit and achieve a profit growth point in the future market.
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