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The Investigations of Beichen District Committee Deputy Secretary, District Director Luyi to TJK

The Investigations of Beichen District Committee Deputy Secretary, District Director Luyi to TJK The Investigations of Beichen District Committee Deputy Secretary, District Director Luyi to TJK

The Investigations of Beichen District Committee Deputy Secretary 1

The Investigations of Beichen District Committee Deputy Secretary 2

According to "double - wan" activity requirements carried out by municipal government, in order to make good and effective efforts to support the work, on the morning of April 26, 2017, the Deputy Secretary of the Beichen District Committee, Yi Lu , the district director, came to TJK to investigate.

Yi Lu checked out the production workshop of TJK, carefully knew about the business situation, market positioning, production capacity, base construction, development ideas and existing difficulties, and talked about the countermeasures to accelerate development with the business enterprise.

TJK, founded in 2002, is the only innovation-oriented enterprise specialized in the domestic intelligent steel processing of robot equipment, supporting software research , development and production of science and technology. Moreover, it owns 90% of the core patent technology in the industry, and its products have reached more than 80% market share in China.

Yi Lu emphasized, ‘The enterprise is prosperous so Beichen will be prosperous; The company is strong so Beichen will be strong. The main purpose of this activity is to make enterprise affordable, gain benefits and develop fast. Entrepreneurs should seize and use this opportunity, taking the process of the activity as the process to solve practical problems and remove constraints. Take it as the process of long-term development and market potential exploitation; as the process of promoting transformation, upgrading and achieving growth of connotation; also as the process of standardizing production and operation, improving the quality and efficiency. TJK helps enterprises to strengthen strong bones and thrive.

Yi Lu required, the relevant functional departments should conscientiously prepare the equipment manufacturing industry development ,base planning and construction, release effective measures to solve the bottleneck problem that restricts the development of enterprises and promotes the sound development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.
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