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Certification is Definitely Not Just a Piece of Paper!

Certification is Definitely Not Just a Piece of Paper! Certification is Definitely Not Just a Piece of Paper!

Different countries have different certification, if exports to Europe and the United States and Japan, you should be very familiar with authentication, the authentication is not just from the European and American countries. Developing countries also have certification, Africa Nigeria has a SONCAP certificate.

Why certification is very important? Because each country is strengthening the management to certification, the United States had new product certification specification in 2008. If the product is not in conformity with the relevant specification, it will be recalled. The consumer council would challenge the corresponding products. If the product cause harm to personal, explosion, burning charger for export to the United States, for example, will face criminal charges. If the product does not conform to the PSPC certification, fines up to 15.5 million dollars.

Here to share the situation in China, in 2014 China's export enterprises rarely comply with the relevant specification, even a very small enterprise know the relevant specification about it. Over the next 10 years, how would our manufacture pattern be like? The low-end market and high-end market in China are all under pressure; the low-end market will be competition from Vietnam, Cambodia, African countries. many Chinese companies in Africa, high-end products of export has also been under pressure.

Chinese enterprises must improve management and technology. Many high-end products like South Korea, Taiwan, are doing very well because these places their manufacturers know production specification about Europe and the United States very well. In Korea, Taiwan, these places and countries, their production management is more transparent, communication is very convenient, it is very competitive for them. Automation is also in constant development, the traditional production suffers some impact.
Certification is definitely not a piece of paper!
In addition to cost, Chinese products export prices have a lot of problems to consider, including tax, transportation, etc. This factor related to the price is also very high. if a product reaches a certain degree of mechanization, can produce in Ohio or Belgium, if developed countries products were only 5% higher than in China, customers are willing to choose production in developed countries, because if the product produced in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, it will let customers suffer a certain risk. Are these products not compliance? Ensure that the product conforms to the specification of the European and American countries is very important for the export enterprise. As a buyer, they don't see prices or catalogue first, or to look at the company site or registered capital, they will see whether products conform to the specifications and will go to the website to find related information. To one’s surprise, many large enterprises have a lot of deficiencies in compliance, such as they do not know what products to conform to the rules, or they will think goods compliance is the business of producer.

There are many places need a modern enterprise management certification to improve the enterprise system, such as ISO9000, it has very good supervision effect. For enterprise management loopholes and continued effectiveness. Since many years, TJK machinery continuously improves and perfect in ISO9000 system certification, in strict accordance with the system standards in terms of quality. Each link has inspector checks, from part to whole, linked together, so as to meet the target of zero defects. Annual internal audit and external audit and management review can find the imperfect in time. Certification has to be said for the company plays a very good supervision, management and perfect effect. So certification is very important for every enterprise, certification is not only a piece of paper.
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