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truss girder welding machine

truss girder welding machine truss girder welding machine

1. According to the specific conditions of the truss, first of all, it should be decomposed into several parts as far as possible and processed and welded in the inner field by truss girder welding machine. After it is completed, it will be transported to the truss for site assembly and welding.

2. In the process of assembly and welding, we should minimize the formation of internal stress and reduce welding distortion. According to the analysis of the drawings, the process should be formulated according to this principle. If welding current is properly controlled, it must not be too large. The weld seam can be prevented according to the requirements of drawings. Internal stress and deformation are two contradictory things, if the rigidity is not large, we should focus on the control of small deformation (generally as the focus). If the rigidity is large, the stress in the assembly welding process should be mainly controlled.

3. The truss is a stress structure. For this reason, we slways use DC welding high quality electrode and reverse polarity connection.

4. Before welding, we should remove rust, remove oil, remove moisture, and bake as required. There are many fillet welds in the truss. The butt welds must be open and double sided to ensure achieve the goal of penetration and increasing height.
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