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How to Use the Steel Bar Cutting Machine Correctly?

How to Use the Steel Bar Cutting Machine Correctly? How to Use the Steel Bar Cutting Machine Correctly?

The steel bar cutting machine is more common on construction sites. So, workers of steel bars, do you really master the correct methods of using the steel bar cutting machine?

1. Traditional using methods of steel bar cutting machine

The traditional method is to place the machine on a larger open space and place it on the spot. Then after work, the steel bar cutting machine will sink into the ground. Some workers think of using bricks or boards on the side of the cutting machine to nail a large slab, which is more than ten meters long and is used as a fixed-length when cutting the material. This ancient method is too backward and too awkward. The biggest disadvantage is that it cuts off the passage. Moreover, because the steel bar cutting machine is generally less than 60 cm in height, it is necessary for the workers to bend over frequently while they are working, which can lead to fatigue and cause work efficiency to drop.

2. Correct methods of operating the steel bar cutting machine

Use thick steel pipe or channel steel to thicken steel or angle steel to weld a bracket, which is about 30 cm high, and place it under the steel bar cutting machine, jam the casters of the cutting machine, and raise the cutting machine so that people don't have to bend over when working. To reduce the fatigue strength, another four to five iron benches are made, whose volume is more than 60 cm square. The surface of the stool is made of iron plates, and the four legs are welded with steel bars. They can be moved at will, placed along the two sides of the cutting machine. The material to be cut can be placed on top of it. Draw a cutting line on the surface of the stool, and the benefit is considerable.

At the same time, the worksite should be as large as possible. When the site is narrow, steelwork cannot be done. Semi-finished steel products are like medicine shops. There must be a place to put them. It is very uneconomical to be unable to place them if you are in a hurry, which may miss work and delay things.

The correct use of the steel bar cutting machine not only enables high production efficiency and convenient operation, but also ensures that the end face of the steel bar is perpendicular to the axis of the steel bar, without horseshoe shape or warping, and facilitates the welding or mechanical connection of the steel bar. The blanking length of the steel bar should be accurate, and its allowable deviation is ±10mm.

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