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Practical Maintenance Tips of Rebar Cutter

Practical Maintenance Tips of Rebar Cutter Practical Maintenance Tips of Rebar Cutter

The following are the practical maintenance methods for rebar bender and cutter.

Rebar cutter is a kind of machine used in building construction site, it is also a kind of cutting machine which is often necessary for working frequently. Once it is damaged and repaired, a lot of time and energy will cost. Thus it is very important to maintain a rebar bender and cutter machine. Our company accumulated a rich experience of this machine is in the present field for many years. I will introduce a common and practical maintenance method for you to facilitate your future production and bring convenience to many customers.

The gear oil of rebar cutter machine should be injected and replaced regularly in the use of the machine. Because the machine will overflow a part of oil from the movable blade in use, to lubricate the movable cutter seat. The situation of a long time spilled oil will reduce the oil level of the cutting machine, for example, it will make the cutting machine wear faster and damage some parts. So, how to solve this problem?

First, we should reduce the amount of oil spill. First, to prepare butter and oil, mix them according to the proportion of 1:3, then open the rebar cutter machine to see the movable cutter seat, then take the movable cutter seat out, apply the mixed oil and oil mixture around the cutter seat, and then install it in the situation. The advantage is that the mixed oil can not only lubricate the cutter seat but also close the gap between the cutter seat and the body, reduce the spillover of the gear oil, reduce the injection of the gear oil and save the cost.

The above is a list of practical maintenance methods of the rebar cutter.

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