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Characteristics of Welding Wire Drawing Machine

Characteristics of Welding Wire Drawing Machine Characteristics of Welding Wire Drawing Machine

Welding wire drawing machine can process copper wire, stainless steel wire and other metal cable materials. It is a piece of very important processing equipment in the cable manufacturing industry. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Large low-frequency torque, stable output;

2. High-performance vector control;

3. Good energy-saving effect;

4. High precision of proportional linkage control;

5. Slip compensation function, high-speed accuracy;

6. Maintain constant tension and prevent wire breakage;

7. Adopt the latest high-speed motor control special chip DSP to ensure the vector control rapid response;

8. The modular design of the hardware circuit ensures stable and efficient operation of the circuit. Frequency converter of drawing machine;

9. Combine European automobile design concept, with smooth lines and beautiful appearance;

10. The structure of the welding wire drawing machine adopts an independent air duct design, the fan can be disassembled freely, and the heat dissipation is good;

11. No PG vector control. PG vector control, torque control, and V/F control can be selected;

12. Powerful input/output multi-functional programmable terminal, speed regulating pulse input and two-channel analog output;

13. The upper limit of motor torque of the rebar processing equipment is automatically limited during operation, and frequent overcurrent tripping is effectively inhibited;

14. Wide voltage input, output voltage automatic voltage regulator (AVR), instant power failure without shutdown, stronger adaptability;

15. Built-in advanced PID algorithm, fast response, strong adaptability, and simple debugging;

16. Segment speed control, simple PLC to realize timing, constant speed, orientation, and other multi-functional logic control, a variety of flexible control methods to meet the requirements of various complex working conditions.

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