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Production Requirements And Quality Standard of Cage Welding Machine

Production Requirements And Quality Standard of Cage Welding Machine Production Requirements And Quality Standard of Cage Welding Machine

1. The production of cage welding machine is made on a special platform, reinforcing cage platform is a plane frame structure which is welded by 120mm I-beam steel, which is vertical and horizontal, square horizontal, and the whole is stable.

2. Steel connections for welding, joint positions shall be staggered from each other, the percentage of the main bar welded joint area in the same joint section is not more than 50%.

3. Single side lap welding is used for lapping of steel bar, the length of lapping is 10d. Spot welding between the hoop and main reinforcement, guarantee welding quality, number of miles, distance strictly according to the drawing construction.

4. Before welding the reinforcing cage, it should check the steel material and welding quality first. Only if it is qualified, the reinforcing cage is processed and manufactured.

5. The number of joints on the same section should be less than 50% and the staggering distance of the joints should be more than 35 d.

6. The reinforcing cage should be straight after welding, the surface of the steel bar is free of oil and rust, welding electrode must meet the requirements of the design code.

7. When cutting steel bar, the special cutting machine is used to cut material to ensure accurate size and neat peripheral.

8. When welding it should be vertical and horizontal, it welds symmetrical spot first, after checking, then weld the joint firmly.

9. Before welding the steel bar, the welding site of the steel bar and the rust spot, oil stain and sundries on the contact surface of the steel bar should be checked. If the end of the steel bar is bent and twisted, it should be straightened or removed.

10. Considering the rigidity of reinforcing cage hoisting, welding cross brace is added to the reinforcing ring of the reinforcing cage. The hoisting point of the steel bar is strengthened with 25mm round steel.

11. Considering that the outer diameter of the steel cage is smaller than the inner diameter of the hole, the thickness of the protective layer of the reinforcing cage is ensured by welding the positioning bar on the side of the reinforcing cage.

12. Effective shielding measures should be taken when welding must be carried out on the spot when it is not suitable for welding on rainy days. After welding, the uncooled joint shall not touch rainwater.

The quality standard for the welding of reinforcing cage

1. When welding, the arc should be placed in the pad, bar or the formation of welding pits, do not burn the main reinforcement;

2. The welding ground wire should be closely in contact with the steel bar

3. In the welding process, the slag should be cleaned in time, the weld surface should be smooth, the remaining height of the weld should be smooth and excessive, and the armpit should be filled.

4. Do a certain bend at the joint of two main tendons to ensure that the axis of the two main tendons is on the same straight line; wheelbase deviation is less than or equal to 0.1d

5. Weld surface should be flat and not sunken or welded; there shall be no cracks visible to the naked eye in the area of welded joints; defects such as edge cutting depth, porosity, slag inclusion, etc., shall not appear.

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