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Precautions for Safe Using the Rebar Bending Machine

Precautions for Safe Using the Rebar Bending Machine Precautions for Safe Using the Rebar Bending Machine

1. The rebar bending machine must have product specifications, certificates of conformity and maintenance records, it should be installed on a stable ground, and its cable insulation is good. Zero protection should be reliable. There should be enough sites for stacking steel reinforcement around the machine.

2. Both the belt pulley and the exposed gear must have a protective cover.

3. Before using, it is necessary to check whether the shock protector works effectively, whether the blade has cracks, and we also should make sure that the nut for fixing the blade is firm and not loose.

4. When the machine does not reach the normal speed, it can not cut the material. When cutting the material, the operator's hand should only be placed on the side of the rebar which is near the worker's body, and the two ends of the rebar should not be cut with both hands. When the long rebar is cut off, the other side should be especially helped by a professional person to stabilize the reinforcement.

5. When operating, we should use both hands to hold the reinforcing brand aim at the edge of the knife. When the blade comes down and we feels a little press, it is necessary to press the steel bar immediately, so as to avoid hitting the end with the end up.

6. When cutting short material, the length of one part which held in the hand should not be less than 40 cm, and the distance between the hand near the blade and the blade should be kept more than 15 cm. If the part which held by hand is less than 40 centimeters, the short rebar must be pressed down by the casing to prevent injury when cutting.

7. The cutting materials should be cleaned in time. It should be stacked in order according to different specifications.

8. When we operate the machine, it is strictly prohibited to use hand to remove the broken ends and debris near the edge of the knife directly. The people around the machinery who are not professional are not allowed to stay.

9. It is forbidden to cut rebars and red-burning rebars whose diameters exceed the mechanical regulations. When multiple bars are cut off at one time, the section of rebars must be converted.

10. When it is found that the mechanical operation is abnormal or the abnormal sound or the blade is skewed, the machine should be stopped immediately. Workers should pull the sluice to break the power, report the repair of the machine repair personnel, and not repair it without authorization.

11. Operators at night should have adequate lighting, the height of lamps and lanterns is not less than 5 meters and their bulbs should be protected and they should be outside the dangerous areas on both sides of the factory.
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