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The Types and Details of Rebar Cutting Machine

The Types and Details of Rebar Cutting Machine The Types and Details of Rebar Cutting Machine

Rebar cutting machine is a kind of tool used for shearing rebar. Generally, there are automatic steel cutting machines and semi-automatic steel cutting machines. It is a steel processing equipment and mainly used in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-scale water conservancy projects to cut off the length of steel bar. Compared with other cutting equipment, rebar cutting machine has the characteristics of lightweight, less energy consumption, reliable work and high efficiency. Therefore, in recent years, it has been widely used in mechanical processing and small-scale rolling mills and has played an important role in various fields of national economic construction.

Types of rebar cutting machine:

Generally, there are automatic steel cutting machines and semi-automatic steel cutting machines. Fully automatic, also known as an electric cutting machine, is the electric energy through the motor into kinetic energy, it can control the cutting knife incision, and it can achieve the effect of cutting steel bar. The semi-automatic machine can carry out shearing reinforcement operation when it is controlled by people. And the hydraulic steel cutting machine is used widely, and it can be divided into two types of charging type and portable.

Electrohydraulic type

Structure: The electric hydraulic steel bar cutter is mainly composed of a motor, hydraulic transmission system, a control device and a fixed blade.

Working principle: The motor drives the eccentric axis to rotate, and the eccentric surface of the eccentric shaft retreats and the plunger is in contact with the back and forth movement. This causes the plunger pump to produce high-pressure oil into the cylinder, push the piston in the cylinder, drive the blade forward and cut off the steel bar with the fixed blade fixed on the support.

Manual hydraulic type

Structure: The hydraulic system of the manual hydraulic steel bar cutter consists of a piston, plunger, hydraulic cylinder, pressure bar, pull-out, reset spring, oil tank, discharge valve, etc.

Working principle: First, we should tighten the drain valve clockwise, lift the pressure lever, and the plunger will also be lifted. When we open the suction valve, the hydraulic oil enters the oil chamber. Then we can Lift the pressure bar and hydraulic oil so that it will be compressed into the cylinder cavity, whereby the piston will be pushed forward, the knife which is installed in the front of the piston can be broken. After cutting off the material, we should immediately rotate and open the oil valve in a counter-clockwise direction. Under the action of reset spring, the pressure oil flows back to the oil chamber, and the cutter automatically retracts back to the cylinder.
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