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What are the Bright Spots of TJK Rebar Cage Welding Machine?

What are the Bright Spots of TJK Rebar Cage Welding Machine? What are the Bright Spots of TJK Rebar Cage Welding Machine?

As a supplier of steel processing equipment industry, TJK has been committed to innovative research and development, continuous breakthrough, developing plenty of intelligent steel processing equipment. The rebar cage welding machine is one of the intelligent processing equipment, so what is the bright point of it? How is the processing? What are the advantages of the processed products? Here is the analysis.

The steel cage welder produced by TJK has a wide range of use, which can meet 800-2500 piles based on different production and customize equipment of 9-25 meters cage length required by customers. Telescopic reinforcement device can be selected to reduce actual floor space; It has wiring straightening welding system, which can greatly reduce time and cost; The spacing and length of the wound rebar can be set freely in the range of 0-400 through HMI, which is easy to operate. The move disk is driven by servo motor to ensure dimensional accuracy. As for the fault reason display on touch screen, HMI displays alarm, reminding customers to quickly troubleshoot in case of equipment failure, saving maintenance cost and time; Carbon dioxide protection welding is simple and convenient; There are different diameters of main rib, which can meet different requirements.

TJK intelligent steel bar processing equipment manufacturing has been committed to providing customers with products and services and pursuing quality. Frequent research and development as well as repeated debugging and testing make customers feel the manufacturing and bring higher quality processing services for enterprises, helping to produce better shaped steel bar. If you need rebar cage welding machine, welcome to contact us to buy. 

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