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What Are the Operating Rules of Rebar Shearing Line

What Are the Operating Rules of Rebar Shearing Line What Are the Operating Rules of Rebar Shearing Line

Rebar shearing line occupies an important position in the processing of rebar. The use of rebar shearing line greatly improves the efficiency of the work and reduces the cost of production. All kinds of rebar bender and cutter equipment have been widely used in various construction projects, and have got good feedback.

What are the operating rules of the rebar shearing line?

1. As to the staff who operate the rebar shearing line, we should ensure that they would have professional training and practice, master the operation skills and have a familiar understanding of the equipment, so as to ensure that during the operation, problems of abnormal conditions can be solved in time to reduce wearing of rebar shearing line.

2. Before the operation of rebar shearing line, we should do a complete inspection to ensure that the components are in the normal working condition and carefully check the electrical circuit part of the equipment. Bare and aging wires should be replaced in time so as to avoid short circuit faults that will affect the working efficiency of the rebar shearing line.

3. Rebar shearing line should be observed at any time during transportation, and it will have a certain vibration during processing. At this time, we should carefully check those screws that tend to lose. For example, if find any loosing screw, the rebar shearing line should be stopped immediately, so as to avoid failure and unnecessary damage.

The above points are the operating rules for rebar shearing line.

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