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Why is CNC Rebar  Stirrup Bending Machine Better than Manual Operation?

Why is CNC Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine Better than Manual Operation? Why is CNC Rebar  Stirrup Bending Machine Better than Manual Operation?

Nowadays, increasing construction of expressway, high-speed rail, bridges, tunnels is inseparable from the standardized steel products. The vast majority of these products are made by intelligent CNC steel processing machine. In fact, it is not only the big infrastructure projects but the ordinary civil engineering has adopted CNC steel processing equipment, in which CNC rebar stirrup bending machine is an example.

What are the strong points in producing rebar by CNC steel processing equipment other than manual operation? Let's dissect step by step:

1. Labor cost:

Basically, a person can operate CNC steel processing equipment. But for artificial processing, it takes 2 or 3 people to finish ordinary bending work, with greater difference in production efficiency. For example, a CNC rebar stirrup bending machine can process more than 6000 steel bars a day, which requires at least several days' work of several people if processed by pure manpower.

2. Processing quality:

CNC steel processing equipment is automatically controlled by PLC all the way, with high processing quality and precision whose error is measured in millimeters, and free controls processing schedule. Manual operation has large labor intensity, difficult to control quality. Schedule control is a bigger problem due to the problem from people.

3. Material cost: 

There is grievous waste of material, at least 6%, in manual processing, while CNC rebar stirrup bending machine hardly has material waste.

4. Environmental protection:

Manpower processes rebar with great construction noise, producing strong noise pollution, and serious energy waste. But CNC rebar equipment doesn't have these problems, living up to general direction of energy conservation and environmental protection.

5. Construction:

Ordinary human processing of rebar will occupy a large number of construction sites, and there are a lot of hidden dangers from the placement of rebar to the processing process. Besides, it is very complex and difficult to manage. Instead, CNC rebar stirrup bending machine occupies less space, simplifies management and improves production efficiency.

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