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Characteristics and Advantages of Automatic CNC Stirrup Bending Machine

Characteristics and Advantages of Automatic CNC Stirrup Bending Machine Characteristics and Advantages of Automatic CNC Stirrup Bending Machine

The computer numerical control automatic stirrup bending machine, through the whole intelligent high integrated control system, can automatically complete the steel straightening, length fixing, hoop bending, cutting and other processes, can bend the steel with the maximum diameter of 16 mm, can conduct continuous production, to produce various sizes and specs of square, rectangular, diamond, polygon and other shapes of stirrups which can totally meet the design requirements, and at the same time it has the straightening function and multi-purpose usage. Widely used in the construction industry, large steel processing plants and other fields.

Straightening system features:

● It consists of two sets of straightening wheels that can be automatically adjusted horizontally and vertically. Combined with 4 traction wheels, it is driven by imported servo motor to ensure the straightening of the steel bar to achieve the best precision.

● Bending and shearing mechanism: driven by imported servo motor, the bending arm can rotate and telescope at high speed, and the shearing mechanism can complete the shearing action at high speed to ensure the bending precision of the steel bar.

● Control system: It adopts foreign mature control system with high reliability, and the control system has fault identification and alarm function.

● Can design any shape of stirrups and contoured figures with up to 60 corners, can store hundreds and thousands of different product shapes, and has a graphics library for mass production of multiple varieties.

● It can continuously produce products of any shape without mechanical adjustment; it does not need to interrupt the processing when correcting the bending angle.

Compared with traditional crafts:

● The traditional processing technology of stirrups is generally realized by using a single machine to process the circular steel bars through modulation, cutting, bending and other processes separately step by step. The technology is relatively backward, which cannot meet the needs of modern construction progress, and a large amount of steel is wasted, a large space is occupied, a great number of labor is used, the productivity is low, the precision of stirrup size and shape is low.

● The numerical control stirrup bending machine adopts advanced computer numerical control to automatically complete the straightening, lengthening, bending and cutting of steel bars, and the efficiency is extremely high. It can replace 20-30 steel workers and is widely used in the field of steel bar processing.
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