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Prospects for the Development of Rebar Netting Machine

Prospects for the Development of Rebar Netting Machine Prospects for the Development of Rebar Netting Machine

Rebar bending machine is as important as rebar bending machine. Rebar bending machine is specialized in producing steel mesh machine and is produced by wire mesh machinery factory. Steel mesh is made of longitudinal and transverse steel bars which are crossed by binding or welding. It is one of the contents of the Ministry of Construction's "10 new technologies for the construction industry to be popularized and applied in 2005".  The formula for calculating the theoretical weight of reinforcing steel mesh: the theoretical weight of reinforcing steel mesh (KG) = the length of reinforcing steel used in reinforcing steel mesh (M) * wire diameter (MM) * wire diameter (MM) * 0.00617.  The steel mesh is mainly used in the fields of the beam-column floor in industrial and civil houses, roof, wall, concrete pavement, bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, box culvert, pier floor, prefabricated component and so on.

The application of welded steel bar mesh in China is still in its infancy. At present, the proportion of welded steel bar mesh used in China is less than one-tenth of the total amount of steel bar. In the early 1990s, the National Science and Technology Commission and the Ministry of Construction listed the welded steel mesh as a key promotion project and formulated national standards and regulations. In recent years, the development of China's infrastructure is very fast, the state's investment in infrastructure continues also grows fast, and the state vigorously implements the strategy of the development of the West. The national economic construction has entered a new stage. Energy, transportation, water conservancy, housing and public working will inevitably increase the demand for welded steel mesh. Its market prospect is very broad. Welded steel mesh is suitable for industrial and large-scale production. It is a new industry with high efficiency, and it meets the requirements of environmental protection and adapts to the development trend of industrialization of the construction industry.

1. The construction of welded bars is the trend of the development of steel industry in the world.

2. The reinforced mesh is a new type of reinforcement, and it is especially suitable for large-scale concrete engineering.

3. The wide and rapid popularization and application of cold-drawn ribbed steel bar and hot-rolled grade III steel bar in China provide a good material basis for the development of welding net. The formal implementation of the product standards and operation rules of welding net has played a positive role in improving product quality and accelerating the popularization and application.

4. China's market has a great potential for the demand for steel net.

5. The rebar net is aesthetically pleasing.

6. China is a big steel country in the world.

7. The development of steel mesh has already had soft and hard conditions in China.

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