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Installation Steps of Rebar Cutting Machine

Installation Steps of Rebar Cutting Machine Installation Steps of Rebar Cutting Machine

The rebar cutting machine is mainly composed of motor, belt drive mechanism, flywheel, gear deceleration mechanism, rotary key mechanism, crankshaft slider and replaceable cutter. Now it is more and more widely used in our life, which basically covers all fields of life. Machinery and equipment have brought great convenience to the staff. It also ensures the safety of everyone, shortens the working time and improves the efficiency of work. But there are still many people not very clear about the specific installation process of this kind of equipment. Now we will describe in more detail in the following sections.

First of all, when the rebar cutting machine is installed, it is necessary to make a careful study of the location of its installation. And it is necessary to ensure that the installation is relatively flat and relatively solid on the ground. Because its weight is very heavy, if it is not stable in a relatively flat place, then their work is not very stable. If we use it for a long time, it will have a great impact on the machinery, and it will also affect the machine’s life. But if we can't put it on a solid ground, the weight of it will lead to a mechanical decline, and it will also have a certain effect when we are using it.

Second, when we are installing the load-bearing frame, it must be installed according to the corresponding steps, that is to say, the center of the material trough above the load-bearing frame should be aligned with the corresponding guide tube and the straightening cylinder. These holes must not be misplaced or bumped against each other, which will affect the normal operation of the machine

In addition, when we install the rebar cutting machine, we should maintain the stability of the entire machinery to ensure that its internal structure is also stable. And after installation, we also should check the corresponding lines to see if all the lines are normal and make sure that there are no parts damaged. Then we can try to run it again, and only after the completion of such a process can the machine be used in the next time, and if there is any damage, the machine must be checked again after maintenance. We must make sure that the machine is installed correctly so as to ensure that there is no danger when we use it.

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