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Steel Bar Straightening Machine Should Avoid Long-time Running in Practice

Steel Bar Straightening Machine Should Avoid Long-time Running in Practice Steel Bar Straightening Machine Should Avoid Long-time Running in Practice

It's very important to use steel straightener in construction site. Generally speaking, this kind of equipment is in the charge of professionals. If there is more steel to be disposed of, it must be arranged by a professional.

It is necessary to continuously pull the circular steel bar into the machine from the right side of the straightener when work is busy, straighten the bending steel bar and make the hooping by putting the rebar on the operating station of the bending machine, waiting for the crane to be transported to the building. Straightening is a huge task. It is possible to handle 1,000 finished products every day if the amount is larger.

In this case, continuous operation of the steel bar straightening machine may cause overload. In fact, this is usually not the case, but if you work 24 hours a day, the machine will inevitably encounter problems and shorten its life. Therefore, the worker needs to let the machine relax "normally" during the break in normal operation, otherwise the gain is not worth it.

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