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Rebar Cage Welding Machine Boosts Standardized Bridge Construction

Rebar Cage Welding Machine Boosts Standardized Bridge Construction Rebar Cage Welding Machine Boosts Standardized Bridge Construction

Bridges are an integral part of roads. Particularly, countless Bridges have become the main passageways in various regions, an important way to facilitate transportation and solve traffic congestion. Nowadays, the construction of bridges can't be separated from the rebar cage welding machine, which solves binding the steel cage inside the concrete columns. Before this, it was all manually operated, so it can be imagined that how low the efficiency is. It's no doubt that this kind of machine can replace ten workers.

Rebar cage welding machine is a kind of digitally controlled equipment automatically producing reinforcing cage which is used in piles before by manual winding binding or curved round after welding. The manual operation is hugely inefficient. Currently, TJK develops modern intelligent reinforcing cage welder with high automation. Besides, it has simple structure, convenient maintenance, smooth work and low cost. Its product quality and after-sales service are highly recognized in the industry.

Functional Features:

1. Load material utilizes fixed material putting platform, which is simple, quick and automatic welding, increasing the efficiency by more than 50% compared with similar products.

2. In the process of cage making, the cage supporting device can automatically raise and support the steel cage, preventing the deformation of the steel cage, making the product quality rate reach 99%, and facilitating the work of cage unloading. 

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