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How to Choose the Appropriate Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine?

How to Choose the Appropriate Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine? How to Choose the Appropriate Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine?

Several parts like welding specifications, equipment construction and major configuration and other aspects should be considered.

Welding specification: wire diameter is generally 5-12 mm, 3-6mm, 2-4mm, 1.8-3mm and so on; the welding width is generally 1.2-3.2mm and the like, which can also be custom-made according to needs.

For the configuration of reinforced mesh welding machine, you should see clearly of the brand, such as the main electrical machine, net electrical machine, welding transformer, PLC, frequency converter, touch screen. The net electrical machine for sale by TJK MACHINERY (TIANJIN) CO.,LTD uses Panosonic servo motor. The transformer is one kind of hydrocooling and epoxy resin converging transformer, Panasonic PLC, Delta frequency converter, Verlon touch screen and so on.

The equipment structure is mainly divided into five parts: warp wires feeding apparatus, weft wires feeding apparatus, welding part, web-discharge apparatus and electric control cabinet. It is also necessary to select the necessary auxiliary equipment according to the structure of the equipment, such as aligning cut-off machine, air pump, water pump.

The electromotor power of TJK's reinforced mesh welding machine, using synchronous control technology, sub-control welding and welding time, is controlled by digital programming system, input panel is touch screen or keypad that is more intelligent and rational for operation and it has the characteristics of one-time compression, separate welding, highly efficient and durable, which is the best choice for processing of reinforced.

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