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Precautions for the Use of Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine

Precautions for the Use of Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine Precautions for the Use of Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine

The reinforced mesh welding machine can weld coal, mine and underground support mesh, iron mine underground mesh, all kinds of high-speed rail, tunnel, metro, and other support mesh. Pay attention to the following points during use:

1. The shell of the welding machine must be grounded reliably, and it must be kept dry;

2. Adjust the secondary voltage according to the thickness of the weldment, the indicator light should be on after turning on the power switch;

3. Step on the pedal, the contactor is closed, and the welding time is controlled to complete the welding process, which can complete spot welding and multiple spots simultaneous welding;

4. Strictly prohibited to touch the contacts with hands to avoid electric shock;

5. After each order finished, the photoelectric motorhead should be repaired in time;

6. After each order finished, check the machine head;

7. Check the springs, lever sets, and pedals for damage and looseness, restore and repair them in time;

8. After each order finished, check whether the electrical control components are effective, if damaged, they should be replaced and repaired in time;

9. Damaged mechanical transmission parts need to be repaired as the day it was been found. Contact us to solve the electronic control part and repair it as soon as possible;

10. When it is powered on, prohibit to open the casing of the control box, not allowed to touch all parts of the box with your hands to avoid electric shock;

11. When checking the internal wiring and control board wiring, be sure to cut off the power supply.

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