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Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction

Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction


Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction(draft)

On the basis of the regulation on new technology application and administration promotion of construction field (The Construction Ministry Order No. 109), we have organized and compiled the Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction (draft) (hereinafter referred to as the Technology Announcement) in order to encourage the technological innovation of the construction areas, promoting the technology progress in construction sector, realizing the green development goal in a life cycle, now announce it to the public.

Any organization or individual who has any objection to the application technology promotion of the Technology Announcement may submit opinions in writing form. The organization opinion must be stamped with the official seal and personal opinion must sign in real name, id number and contact number. The public notice period will ends on August 30.

Contact person: building energy conservation and technology department of the urban-rural construction
Anyu Telephone: 010-58933282
Annex: Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction (draft)
Building Energy Conservation and Technology Department

August 17, 2017

Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction


Developing green building is an important step in implementing the 13th five-year plan. Construction stage is one of the crucial links in realizing the green development during the whole life period of building, the technical innovation and building mode innovation during the construction stage is the basic support to realize the green development goals during the construction phase, and it is also the important guarantee in realizing the transformation and upgrading in construction industry.

In recent years, the administrative departments of urban and rural construction at all levels have introduced policies and standards to promote the development of green construction.  Housing urban and rural development department has also carried out a large number of green construction technology demonstration projects, which has promoted the innovation research and the application of new technology in green construction, and formed a relatively mature green construction technology, obtained a certain social, economic and environmental benefits.

On this basis, in order to give full play to the radiating and leading role of demonstration project, further encourage technological innovation in construction areas, promoting the science and technology progress during the construction process, guiding the construction enterprises with technology innovation to maximize the energy, land, water and material saving, protect the environment and reduce pollution, to contribute to the development goals of realizing green building in its full life span, the departments of urban and rural construction thus organized experts to conduct a specific research on promotion and application of green constroction technology. By a year long research on the green construction technology of 30 provinces with nearly 2000 projects in the whole country, scientific and technological inovation acchievemnts of the green construction in the industry are now been summarized and a batch of green construction technology has been collected. By the evaluation of experts, compled Technology Announcement of The Promotion and Application of Green Construction ( hereinafter referred to as the Technology Announcement ) . The Technology Announcement including new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment that has been created and applied for many years in the industry and was in significant effect of green development.  The Technology Announcement also including technology that has been used for many years and with effective construction effect, but due to the application is not as far enough,  and failure to replace the traditional construction technology, which result in the disable of saving resources to the maximize and reduce the negative impact of technology on the environment. In addition, the Technology Announcement has account for a variety of factors, including  the vast and complex geographical conditions and the difference of natural geographical conditions, geological environment conditions, and construction scale, which reflects the regional difference of green construction technology and the regional characteristics of technical development key area.

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