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Working Principle and Structural Analysis of Rebar Bending Machine

Working Principle and Structural Analysis of Rebar Bending Machine Working Principle and Structural Analysis of Rebar Bending Machine

Rebar bending machine is one of the necessary equipment for rebar processing. It is mainly used in the bending of rebar in all kinds of construction projects. Rebar bending machine is usually used with the cutting machine. Its application is very extensive. With the effect of the national investment, especially the country vigorously develops the high-speed rail, the production and sales of rebar bending machine are increasing rapidly. Similar to other rebar cutting machines, bending hoops and straightening and cutting machines, the production base of this kind of machinery has been formed. Most of the products made in China can meet the needs of users, but the quality of some products cannot meet the requirements of the national standard.

The construction of the machinery industry in China has been developing rapidly in recent years. On the one hand, it is a reason to improve the quality of its own products and the low cost of domestic labor by introducing foreign advanced technology. On the other hand, the implementation of active fiscal policy for many years in the country is the fundamental cause of the growth of the industry.

The structure of rebar bending machine of each manufacturer is basically the same. The transmission scheme of rebar bending machine has the following 2 kinds: "a worm gear with one or two gears and a worm gear drive" and "13 gear transmission". The transmission efficiency of rebar bending machine with worm drive is not as good as the bending machine of the gear transmission. That is to say, the bending machine of the gear transmission is more relaxed with the diameter of the rebar under the same driving motor power condition. But the self-locking characteristic of the worm wheel and worm drive makes the positioning accuracy of the bending in the work much higher. At present, the production and application of rebar bending machine with "one or two grade gear and worm gear drive" are more common and the market share is high.

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