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Security Line of Life: TJK Fire Safety Training

Security Line of Life: TJK Fire Safety Training Security Line of Life: TJK Fire Safety Training

Dry weather in summer makes the fire inadvertently frequently takes place. To improve safety awareness and safety skills of our staffs, ensure that employees have the necessary safety knowledge, take good command of safe production rules and safety procedures, prevent the occurrence of security incidents, ensure safe production and improve work efficiency, on the morning of the 29th, TJK invited Liu of the fire association to the company for fire safety knowledge training.

The training content is rich, the form is varied and the pertinence is strong. The training systematically taught the knowledge of modern enterprise safety management , introduced advanced safety concepts and relevant laws as well as related regulations. It also combined the real cases that happened in the past, analyzed the cause of the accident, educated that nip in the bud, improved awareness and ability to prevent accidents, made employees really feel the potential harm. At the same time, it also informed the corresponding measures to be taken in the event of accidents, let people learn to gradually improve security awareness in daily work and life and sing the song of safe life.

After the training session,the staff listened carefully, read carefully , and recorded carefully during the fire fighting drill, which played a real effect. It not only aroused the interest and enthusiasm of all employees, but also strengthened employees' awareness of security. The aim of this training is to achieve the goal of "safe production of zero accidents" for the whole year.

Security is an eternal theme. It is the most important and basic requirement of human development. Safe production is not only the guarantee of people's life, health and the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises, but also a prerequisite for social stability and economic development. Safe production, alarm bells ring, responsible for self, responsible for others. To love life, which adds a security line to life.
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