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Millions of Talents Training Project

Millions of Talents Training Project Millions of Talents Training Project

For the further implementation of talent powerful city development strategy and innovation drive, to achieve sound and rapid economic and social development in our city. Also for Making a better Tianjin city, Tianjin government carry out the implementation of "millions of skilled personnel training benefit plan" this year.

Training object contains middle age and young workers. According to the need of production and operation also the need of scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, organizing employees to undertake a variety of ways such as on-the-job training, off-the-job training of professional skills upgrading training, and subsidies to the enterprise and staffs.

We analysed government welfare training program deeply, We cooperated with metallurgy professional school, Operated training for Welder, fitter, draftsman. Their working skills had been improved very much.

Millions of Talents Training Project

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