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TJK Passed Standardization of Safety in Production Enterprises

TJK Passed Standardization of Safety in Production Enterprises TJK Passed Standardization of Safety in Production Enterprises

Recently, TJK MACHINERY passed safety production standardization level 3 review acceptance, become the industry's first standardized safety production standard enterprise, not only leads the industry in terms of technology development, also is the industry leader in safety management.

Leading by the Beichen district safety bureau, the experts comprehensive reviewed TJK company's safety production standardization level 3, expert review group according to rigorous on-site audit and consult relevant material files, etc. Agreed that TJK company safety production management system, complete safety training has formed systematic, standardized system, put in place, production safety related safety facilities equipment basic complete production site and occupational hazard prevention and control measures in line with the relevant requirements, set up safety performance management and good operation, safe production standardization system run effectively, and can achieve continuous improvement, meet the national safety production standardization level 3 enterprises score requirements.

TJK company’s leadership attaches great importance to production safety work since its inception, set up internal work safety committee, goes irregular production management to the company to conduct a comprehensive inspection not regular, earnestly implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" of production safety policy.

The reason TJK passed through the security standard of review so well, is the affirmation of the work safely in their own units, also provides a system for the future of safety management, more standard and strict management. The company will use safety standardization management means constantly enrich the safe production management experience, constantly improve the production safety management level, to a higher level of safety standardization.

Standardization of Safety in Production Enterprises

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