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Main Manufacture Steps of Wire Cages

Main Manufacture Steps of Wire Cages Main Manufacture Steps of Wire Cages

Manufacture of wire cages

1. Before welding rebar, we must first imitate the lap welding test of the reinforcement lap joint. It can be formally welded after passing the quality testing, and cage welders must have certificates for the construction post.

2. Set up the working platform for the manufacture of wire cages, the processing site, and production platform must be smooth. Make a circular reinforcement rig plate, study the production of cage welder’s stirrups, ensure the conformity of the shape of wire cages. The welding of the main reinforcement between joints shall be made by double side lap welding. The length of the weld should be not less than 5D (D is the diameter of the reinforcing steel bar). Within 1 meters length, the number of main reinforcement joints should be no more than 50%. It requires full welding and no slag inclusion. The length, width, and thickness of the weld should meet the requirements of the regulation.

3. When processing rebar on the operating platform, drawing the position of spiral rebar on the main rebar in order to ensure the accuracy of the construction. On the rebar work platform, the ends of the rebar will be folded to the side to ensure the alignment of the axis of the welded rebar. The spiral rebar must be tightly attached to the main rebar, and shall not be suspended, and shall be connected with the main rebar by 50% point welding.

4. The protective layer of the rebar framework (the rebar protection layer is 7omm) using the prefabricated heel block with the thickness of the protective layer, together with the steel cage, each 2m set, 4 each.

5. The processed reinforced wire cages shall be placed separately and numbered respectively. And under the horizontal padding, the wooden wedge shall be added on both sides of wire cages to prevent from falling down and deforming.

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